I have a new tumblr.

I’m not going to use this one anymore, so if you’re interested I’ve moved my blog to here…


If not, thanks for following me here! :) 

Patrick Wolf


Damaris-Patrick Wolf

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She’s so awkward, I love her. 

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My mood swings are horrendous right now.

Everyone is annoying and I want to punch someone in the face. 

And I feel sick. 

Cold pizza is so much better!!

do a topless tuesday!

Nah. Not today.

Tailend Tuesday.

Okay it’s an old one but I don’t care! Roma 08! 

Sometimes I just like to be by myself.

So I know I’m still me. 

I think I’m gunna clear some stuff out.

I’m such a hoarder! I keep everything and my room just looks like it belongs to a child, maybe get most of my soft toys together and give them to my baby brother, they seem to be disappearing one by one anyway, he always takes one when he comes in my room, bless haha ^_^ 

I feel like I’m maybe starting to grow up, even though I’m immature in so many ways still. I’ve stopped dying my hair ridiculous colours, the snakebites are gone and my ‘style’ has somewhat changed, compared to a year a go. Hmmm. 

RIP Penny J Moo.